What does the FIT for Active Living program do well?  

  • Being friendly and respectful with clients. Working us hard but not pushing us around.
  • Just about everything was done in a professional manner.
  • Individualize the program for specific needs. Explain why an exercise helps. Support and modify stretches and exercises as needed.
  • I was very well informed as to what was being done.
  • The FIT program took a bad situation and made it better. Staff were always there to listen and made a person feel like they fit in.
  • The staff on my team were awesome. You really tailored the program to fit my needs.
  • Staff are very pleasant, upbeat, able to motivate clients and are very caring when addressing any concerns regarding health (physical or mental). The FIT program could not exist without all of the wonderful staff it employs. It’s hard not to improve your quality of life when you are surrounded by such positive people that work here. Everyone from managers and secretaries to all physical therapy staff make a wonderful, positive team.
  • Support of staff was very motivating for me. Willingness to accommodate was excellent. I think the program has been good for me not just physically but mentally as well. I feel I made good progress in my rehab but still I feel I have lots more to gain.
  • You have respect for the person and empathize with there issues.
  • I think you are offering a good service. For me it was exactly what I needed.
  • Out of the long list of things the fit program does well, I was especially stuck by how considerate the staff is. I even looked forward to the reprimands. Professional but warm, familiar yet dignified. The people and culture at this program are very special. I’ve been deeply moved by the kindness and consideration shown. There are many ways in which I’ve been assisted back to higher functioning but none has been more important that the treatment of me as a human being. I owe my team a debt of gratitude I’ll never be able to repay.
  • Staff are very approachable and work well as a team. Explained very well the symptoms, probable causes, and direction for healing and self management.
  • You all work well together and are well informed about each client and their needs.
  • Great team of people. I feel that I should have been brought into this program sooner in my rehabilitation. I feel that if I was in this program sooner I would have had a better chance at recovery..
  • Helping the clients understand their injuries and what to do to get better.
  • Physical component of rehabilitation. Overall positive atmosphere. Respond to the clients needs as they emerge. Thank you for your dedication to the cause of healing.
  • You have very qualified staff. My team treated me with respect