Dr. Amy Hampton

Ph.D. Psychologist

Dr. Amy Hampton attained a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree at the University of Calgary followed by a Master’s in Arts and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Regina.  As a part of her training, Dr. Hampton completed a pre-doctoral residency at the Ottawa Hospital, where she worked at the Chronic Pain Program, various Rehabilitation Outpatient and Inpatient Programs, Psychosocial Oncology Program, and the Psychological Consultation Services for Inpatients. Her research background has focused on furthering the understanding of the pain experience through a biopsychosocial framework.

After completing her doctoral training, Dr. Hampton returned to the prairies and worked at Regina Mental Health and Addictions services until she shifted back into Health/Rehabilitation Psychology and joined the FIT team in 2020. She is a Registered Doctoral Psychologist with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists (#1074) and is trained in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Dr. Hampton is passionate about forming strong working alliances with clients and their healthcare teams. She provides evidence-based psychological assessment and treatment to adults with a range of treatment goals. At FIT, she most often works with adults experiencing depression, vehicle anxiety, posttraumatic stress, fear of pain and/or reinjury, and challenges adjusting to losses and changes following an injury/collision. Also as part of her work at FIT, she is involved in providing supervision to Ph. D. Clinical Psychology students from the University of Saskatchewan and the Saskatoon-based pre-doctoral residency program with the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Both in her clinical work and personal life, she strives to empower those around her to realize their personal strengths in order to cope with difficult life events and achieve their personal goals.  

Dr. Marc Sheckter

Ph.D. Psychologist

A graduate of the University of Alberta (B.A. 1991) and University of Saskatchewan (M.A. 1997, Ph.D. 2001) and a full-practice member of the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists (Reg. #526, 2002 – present), Marc has been with the FIT Program since 2002.  Marc’s work at the FIT Program includes assessment and treatment of clients’ mental health in relation to their motor vehicle crash injuries.  The mental health problems Marc commonly sees in relation to his work at the FIT Program include depression, vehicular anxiety, PTSD, fear of pain and/or reinjury, and difficulty with adjustment to losses/changes post-MVC.

Marc strongly believes that close collaboration with clients, other members of the FIT Program interdisciplinary clinical teams, and various other stakeholders (including clients’ families, their family physicians, and the insurer) yields the best opportunity for clients to achieve a successful outcome in their rehabilitative efforts.  Marc has also supervised extensively, including psychologists in the process of provincial registration, junior Ph.D. students from the University of Saskatchewan, and senior Ph.D. students from the Saskatoon-based pre-doctoral residency program in the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Outside of his clinical and supervisory work, Marc has lectured to graduate students on issues related to working with third-party payers, and professional identity development, and he has lectured to front-line interdisciplinary healthcare providers on how to work effectively with challenging patients.

Dr. Selina Zaluski

Ph.D. Psychologist

Dr. Selina Zaluski obtained her B.A. Honours (First Class Honours in Psychology) degree from the University of Calgary in 2006. She achieved her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2012 from the University of Saskatchewan (U of S), where she obtained diverse clinical training experiences and completed dissertation research that employed quantitative and quantitative analyses to understand the transition to adulthood for 18-29 year-olds from different vocational settings. For her dissertation, Dr. Zaluski was awarded by being named a 2012 Laureate of the Canadian Psychological Association. In 2010-2011, Dr. Zaluski completed her Predoctoral Residency in Clinical Psychology at The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre. During that residency year, Dr. Zaluski completed training in the Youth Psychiatry Partial Hospitalization Unit (primary rotation), Operational Stress Injury Clinic (secondary rotation), and Integrated Forensic Program (secondary rotation - neuropsychological assessment). Dr. Zaluski’s training experiences have also taken place in the field of sport psychology, and she has previously been a Mental Performance consultant for the Sports Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan. Her interest in applied sport psychology connects to her own background in coaching and high performance competition in long track speed skating and road cycling.

Dr. Zaluski first joined the FIT for Active Living Program in 2012, enjoying the opportunity to apply her experiences and skills within FIT’s comprehensive interdisciplinary rehabilitation environment. From 2014-2018, Dr. Zaluski returned to the U of S where she provided urgent and non-urgent mental health care to students at the Student Wellness Centre. Within her roles at the Student Wellness Centre, Dr. Zaluski was an active member of the Eating Disorders Treatment Team. She was also involved in training a practicum student from the U of S Clinical Psychology Program. Dr. Zaluski rejoined the FIT for Active Living team in 2018, where she has devoted the majority of her clinical work to helping maximize the rehabilitation potential of individuals who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions. She has also been involved in on-site training of psychology practicum students and predoctoral residents. In addition to her work at FIT, Dr. Zaluski has assisted Saskatoon’s Kinetik Physical Rehabilitation team in providing psychology assessment and treatment services for injured workers. Duties in that position have involved meeting the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by adopting virtual care models to enable ongoing delivery of mental health and rehabilitation services to workers across the province of Saskatchewan. Dr. Zaluski has been registered as a full practicing member of the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists (#896) since 2013, which includes holding an Authorized Practice Endorsement for diagnosis. In her clinical work, Dr. Zaluski applies cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, and mindfulness therapy orientations within a broader biopsychosocial model of health and wellness. She finds it a great privilege to witness the intensive daily efforts that her clients put into their recoveries, and being present for these journeys alongside other FIT team members in the hospital setting provides Dr. Zaluski with ever-renewed enthusiasm for her work with clients, her professional relationships, and her own growth as a scientist-practitioner.